Sireg Polyvinyl

PVC calendered sheets for batteries and other industrial applications.

80 years of experience in the sector of battery separators
PVC DURVINIL® laminates for the most varied industrial applications

The manufacturing of calendered PVC sheets represents the original core business of the Sireg Group.


With a historical presence in the market, Sireg is today the only European manufacturer of calendered sheets used by the industrial battery sector.


Due to their specific technical characteristics, DURVINIL® separators are an essential component of both stationary batteries (i.e. emergency lights and medical applications) and traction batteries (i.e. forklifts, electric vehicles, golf carts).


DURVINIL® laminates are thermoplastic, perforated and corrugated sheets made of stabilized polyvinyl chloride with no plasticizing additive. The applications are many and in the most diverse industrial sectors, such as digital printing, industrial packaging, furniture, air conditioning filtration and gardening.


Thanks to a flexible production process, Sireg Polyvinyl is able to diversify the range of DURVINIL® sheets intervening on:

•    thickness: Sireg’s equipment is able to produce (without any additive or plasticizer) uniform sheets in different thicknesses;

•    perforation: Sireg’s multiple repeated punching machines perforate uniformly and continuously different diameters and different emptiness percentages;

•    corrugation: DURVINIL® laminates, both perforated and not perforated, are corrugated with heat by equipment that prevents the stretching and the internal stress of the material. The corrugation pitch varies according to the height of the corrugation itself, in different combinations of height and corrugation pitch;

•    dimension: DURVINIL® sheets are available in various widths, up to a maximum of approximately 560 mm (with maximum corrugation of 3,5 mm) and up to 1.000 mm for the flat sheets. There are no height limits;

•    finishing: DURVINIL® sheets are available in a wide range of finishing and punching patterns.